Deluxe Teddy Babe Plush Sex Doll Carly (Long Copper) 3kg

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  1. Product Description

    Say hello to the newest group of Teddy Babes. These soft and sensual girls are more Amazonian than their sisters, standing at approximately 5 foot 4 inches, these dolls are taller, longer and have even bigger hugs to give.

    Teddy Babes are the most sensual, warm, luxurious and unique love dolls ever created. With their long hair, 'come-hither' eyes and sexy expression, these plush dolls are the perfect bedtime companion - soft, strokable and ready for adult fun.

    Remember when you were a kid and used to cuddle up at night with your favorite teddy bear? Well, now you're all grown up, and a beautiful plush girlfriend is waiting to share your bed!

    Well-endowed and shapely, and with a number of desirable characters to choose from, Teddy Babes are the kind of girlfriends you always wanted to have.

    Whether you enjoy real doll sex and are looking for a satisfying adult sex toy, or just want something warm and friendly to snuggle, Teddy Babes are for you. Why hug your pillow at night when you can hug one of these?

    Comes complete with basque, panties, stockings and suspenders. Please note: Gloves are not included.

    The Deluxe Teddy Babe is 5 foot 4 tall and has an inside leg measurement of 29 inches, making her a sucker for full-body cuddles that her smaller sisters shy away from.

    Get naked together, and enjoy the sensual pleasure of her silky plush body against your naked skin.

    When you first receive your Teddy Babe, she may appear a bit stiff. This is because her wire skeleton and pivot joints have not been posed or manipulated yet. As you play with her she will loosen up considerably and become more yielding and cuddly.

    If you don't like the plush insert, you can remove it and simply use the Babe's vaginal cavity or insert many of the conventional silicone vaginas on the market.

    With gorgeously realistic hair (a wig that you can remove and change for a different one if you choose) and realistic finger and toenails with a unique choice of polish chosen by your babe.

    Be gentle with her - you're her first.

    Please Note: Each Teddy Babe is individually hand-crafted so may differ slightly from the picture shown. It may have different colour lingerie, slightly different hair or slightly different colour eyes.

    Teddy Babes do not have penetrable anuses or mouths.

    Approximate stats for Deluxe Teddy Babes:

    Height: 5 foot 4 inches

    Waist: 23.5 inches

    Bust: 30 JJ (26 inch underbust / 40 inch overbust)

    Hip: 34 inches

    Inside leg: 29 inches

    Please note that this product is available for despatch in the UK only.

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