Deluxe Teddy Babe Plush Sex Doll Tina (Long Brunette) 3kg

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  1. Product Description

    Say hello to Tina, a long legged brunette beauty who's waiting to go home with you. One of the warmest, most luxurious love dolls ever created, Teddy Babes have lifelike proportions, long hair and simply love bedtime cuddles and adult fun and games.

    Tina's soft, curvaceous body gives the best hugs, while her bountiful bosom, pert nipples and intimate spots feed your more kinky side. Whether you enjoy real doll sex and are looking for a satisfying adult sex toy, or just want something warm and friendly to snuggle, Tina is waiting for you.

    She arrives in her very own lingerie set and fits into standard dress sizes, so you can treat her to new lingerie to make her feel extra special. Tina is 5'4" tall and has an inside leg measurement of 29 inches, making her perfect for full-body cuddles. Slip her into a new sexy lingerie set, or strip down naked together to enjoy the sensual pleasure of her silky plush, soft body against your skin.

    Tina may appear a bit stiff at first, but this is only because her wire skeleton and pivot joints have not been posed or manipulated yet. As you play with her she'll loosen up considerably and become more yielding and cuddly.

    Looking for extra thrills? Why not remove her plush vagina insert and insert your very own textured stroker to boost your pleasure?

    Please note: Each Teddy Babe is individually hand-crafted so may differ slightly from the picture shown. It may have different colour lingerie, slightly different hair or slightly different colour eyes. Teddy Babes do not have penetrable anuses or mouths. Available for despatch in the UK only.

    Key Features:

    • Deluxe Teddy Babe plush love doll for full body hugs and adult pleasure
    • Penetrable vaginal opening for erotic fun
    • Realistic hair and nails offer lifelike experience
    • Swap her lingerie to suit your mood
    • Vital stats for Tina: Height: 5'4", Waist: 21 inches, Bust: 31 inch underbust/32.5 inch overbust, Hips: 30.5 inches
    • Posable limbs and fingers

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