DOMINIX Deluxe 20 Inch Leather Wrist and Ankle Spreader Bar

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  1. Product Description

    What is this? A spreader bar for (giant) ants?! No, don't panic. This 6-cuff restraint is not for creepy crawlies, but is in fact designed to give you more freedom while you, err, restrict freedom. A kinky conundrum in itself, read on to find out more...

    Unlike most spreader bars which feature a set of 2 ankle cuffs and (if you're lucky) a pair of wrist cuffs too, this restraint system from DOMINIX boasts 6 Velcro-fastened cuffs for sensational restraint in a number of positions. Plus, with no visible metal to clang on either the cuffs or bar you can play in confidence knowing no else knows what you're up to behind closed doors.

    The biggest cuffs are designed to hold your lover's legs in a spreadeagle pose, while 2 sets of smaller wrist cuffs enable you to experiment freely with hand positions. One pair located on the bar itself keep subs' hands restrained at the front, between the legs, while 2 outer cuffs keep arms spread wide on the outside of the ankles.

    Choose a position that is more or less comfortable to suit your session of playful punishment.

    Key Features:

    • Wrist to ankle position restraint for secure and exciting advanced bondage play
    • Velcro-fastened leather cuffs and a leather coated bar offer clang-free restraint
    • 4 wrist cuffs adjust between 6-9.5 inches in circumference keeping arms securely bound
    • 2 ankle cuffs adjust between 9-13 inches in circumference to keep legs spread
    • Connecting bar is 20 inches from ankle-to-ankle

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