DOMINIX Deluxe Cat Claw Skin Scratcher

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  1. Product Description

    Cat got your tongue? You gotta be kitten me! With the Cat Claw Skin Scratcher in your toy box there's no holding back the purrs (or moans). A great alternative to pinwheel play, 2 sense-awakening spikes scratch over skin to leave you aroused and untamed.

    Designed to fit most fingers, this ring is unisex and ambidextrous for a one-size-fits-all solution. Unlike regular single-banded rings which slip off if worn too big, this twin band finger cuff is held in place by the natural bend in your finger, enabling you to share it with a partner whose hands may be bigger or smaller than your own.

    We've designed our cat nail scratcher in matte black to give it a unique look that accessorises any bondage aesthetic, whether in or out of the bedroom. In play this ring offers a slightly different sensation to a pinwheel, creating more scratch than prickle. Experiment by stroking different areas to discover what makes your back arch.

    Plus, unlike your real moggy's nails, this nickel-free accessory stays sharp for a lifetime with no need to trash your sofas. Purrfect!

    Vital statistics:

    Midi ring = UK ring size P (18mm diameter)

    Base ring = UK ring size Z (22mm diameter)

    Key Features:

    • Metal cat claw ring for sensory experimentation in the bedroom
    • Twin spikes scratch across the skin to awaken nerve endings
    • Can be worn on any finger or thumb on either hand over gloves or bare skin
    • Finger cuff with 2 fixed bands: base ring fits up to size Z, midi ring fits up to size P
    • Powder-coated in matte black for a tarnish-free sophisticated BDSM look

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