DOMINIX Deluxe Powerful Twist Nipple Sucker

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  1. Product Description

    If you're looking for effective nipple suction, then look no further. These nipple suckers by DOMINIX feature a 3 inch transparent chamber and corkscrew core which, when twisted, increases and decreases pressure for the perfect level of suction.

    Easy-to-use thanks to the chunky twist tops, place the open end of the chamber over a nipple (or anywhere else on your body for that matter) and begin twisting the top in a clockwise motion. The more you twist, the more intense the sensation.

    Please note: For advanced users only, these nipple suckers do not feature a quick-release valve. When ready for removal, simply twist the tops in an anti-clockwise direction, or press the skin near the opening of the chamber to release the pressure and remove the sucker.

    Key Features:

    • Ultra-strong nipple suckers for intense sensory play
    • Easy-grip twist top increases and decreases pressure for custom suction
    • Dismantles easily for thorough cleaning
    • Suitable for use anywhere on the body
    • No quick-release valve - suited to advanced explorers
    • 3 inch transparent chamber offers voyeuristic possibilities

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