ElectraStim 4mm to 2mm Adapter Kit

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  1. Product Description

    Picture the scene: You already own an e-stim power unit with a 4mm jack, but now you want to use a 2mm ElectraStim sex toy with it. Disaster! Lucky for you, you bought the ElectraStim 4mm to 2mm adapter kit to overcome such issues... You clever fox, you.

    Gone are the days of being limited to only using matching brands of power unit and electrode together. Now, thanks to ElectraStims innovative adapter kit, you can combine different brands of e-stim toy to enjoy the pleasure you want, without forking out for a whole new set up.

    This particular adapter kit is specifically designed for using a non-ElectraStim power unit (with a 4mm output) with an ElectraStim accessory (which takes a 2mm pin input).

    Key Features:

    • Electrosex adapter kit for combining ElectraStim electrodes with other brands of power unit
    • 2x "4mm banana socket to 2mm pin" adapters
    • Red and black colourway differentiates between input and output
    • A simple way to expand your e-stim possibilities
    • Official ElectraStim brand ensures safety and reliability

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