Entice Rose Gold Crystal Clitoral Pleasure Clip

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  1. Product Description

    Decorate your pretty pistachio with this rose gold crystal clit clamp for a deliciously light pinch that enhances your pleasure. Perfect for beginners, this simple clamp applies gentle pressure to either side of your clitoris to increase sensitivity.

    Oh-so easy to use, surround your clitoris with a generous squeeze of water-based lube before sliding the clamp into place. The teardrop tip should gripping your clitoris, while the decorate pendants hang down towards your perineum.

    Wearing a clit clamp before erotic play not only arouses you with mild clitoral throbs, but this flow of blood also awakens sensitive nerve endings and leaves you ultra-responsive to subsequent touches.

    Try wearing before oral sex for a truly mind-blowing, sheet-clenching experience.

    Key Features:

    • Rose gold clit clamp for beginners clamping
    • Slide-to-fit design is supremely easy to master
    • Creates gentle pinching for increased sensitivity and pleasure
    • Dangling light-reflecting pendants tickle perineum for extra thrills
    • A beautiful blend of erotic jewellery and BDSM arousal

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