Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Nipple Lassos

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  1. Product Description

    If you love nipple play but don't like nipple clamps, these silicone lassos are the perfect sex toy for you. Slipping over the nipple with a simple slide-to-fit toggle, these velvet-smooth vibrators offer hands-free nipple stimulation, without the pinch.

    Unlike most nipple toys which provide a pinching or sucking sensation, these nipple lassos surround your nipple with scintillating vibrations for out-of-this-world hands-free pleasure.

    Luxuriously smooth silicone casing transmits quiet, powerful, vibrations right where you need them and ensures play is completely skin-safe.

    Key Features:

    • Vibrating nipple lassos for hands-free nipple stimulation without pinching
    • Silicone surface is hypoallergenic for skin-safe play
    • Simple slide-to-fit design is easy to use
    • User-friendly slide-switch activates powerful, quiet vibrations
    • Included batteries are easily replaced when required
    • Perfect for anyone who enjoys nipple stimulation without clamping, sucking or pinching

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