Lovehoney BASICS Nipple Pump Set (10 Piece)

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  1. Product Description

    A 10-piece nipple pump set with everything you need for long-lasting, erect nipples. The set includes 2 pumps and 4 pairs of nipple rings of varying circumferences for tailored stimulation and heightened sensitivity - whatever your size.

    Select a suitable pump size and stretch your chosen nipple ring over the plastic end. Squeeze the bulb and place the opening over your nipple, allowing the pump to gently suck your nipple into the cylinder. Your nipple will begin to swell with sensitivity as blood is drawn to the area.

    Keeping the pump attached, slide the nipple ring down towards your body and onto your nipple. To remove the pump, squeeze the bulb once and hey presto, heightened nipple pleasure is yours.

    Key Features:

    • Nipple pump set with rings for long-lasting, erect nipples
    • 1 x pump with 0.5 inch opening and 1 x pump with 0.3 inch opening
    • Rubber, easy-squeeze bulbs for straightforward use
    • 4 x pairs of stretchy nipple rings maintain sensitivity
    • Size options: 0.5, 0.3, 0.25 and 0.2 inches fit most nipples

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