Rock Hard Power Delay Cream 15ml

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  1. Product Description

    Odourless and tasteless, the Rock Hard Power Delay Cream helps men achieve the kind of staying power that satisfies even the most demanding partner. Fast acting for impressive prowess and staying power on demand.

    "I apply the cream to my penis before having sex and my erection stays hard so my wife can enjoy long lasting and satisfying penetrative sex before I eventually ejaculate." - Lovehoney Customer Review

    Apply a little to the head and shaft of the penis approximately 10-15 minutes before intimacy. You should use the least amount of cream possible to obtain the desired numbing effect, then apply further small amounts as needed .

    The cream will be absorbed into the skin during this time and any excess cream should be wiped off before intimacy.

    Active ingredient: Benzocaine.

    Key Features:

    • Ejaculation delay cream for men
    • Fast-acting formula
    • Just a little needed 10-15 minutes before play
    • Contains active ingredient Benzocaine
    • Odourless and tasteless

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