Smooth Steel Speculum

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  1. Product Description

    Get a better look inside your lover with this surgical steel bivalve speculum. Unlike other speculums this Collins model opens laterally to give an alternative view and sensation during play. Medically accurate for authentic Doctor and patient role play.

    One of the simplest metal speculums you can buy, this metal brace opens widthways via the user-friendly screw-pin that can even be operated with just one hand.

    Lube up the speculum and your subject and insert the rounded end whilst closed. Slowly twist the pin to open the blades and get a good look at her sweetest spots. To remove, carefully twist the pin in the opposite direction to reverse the stretch.

    Top tip: For chill-free insertion we recommend bringing the speculum to body temperature by placing it in warm water 10 minutes before play. When you're ready to finish play, reduce the size of the gap between each blade but do not close entirely in order to avoid pinching.

    Key Features:

    • Bivalved surgical steel Collins speculum for vaginal exploration
    • Spreads laterally (as opposed to vertically) for an alternative view and sensation
    • Screw-pin design enables easy use with just one hand
    • Can be opened to a maximum width of 3.75 inches at the tip, and 2 inches at the base
    • Fully sterilisable for body-safe fun

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