Touché Essentials of Passion Massage Glove

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  1. Product Description

    Alright partner, keep on rollin' baby, you know what time it is... Time for a sensual massage! With 9 rolling balls which glide effortlessly over the skin, this massage glove relaxes the body, excites the mind and keeps you rollin', rollin' rollin'...

    Move in, now move out, hands up, now hands down, back up, back up, tell them what you're gonna do now....

    (Ok seriously spooky. Even we didn't realise quite how well Limp Bizkit's most famous song would work for this! #BreathInNowBreathOut)

    Boasting an adjustable strap and non-slip back, this glove stays in place, allowing you to make full use of 9 ball bearing rollers which caress your partner wherever you stroke them. Simply slather their skin with your favourite massage oil and experiment with different pressure to discover the best results.

    This is a great option for couples who want to be able to treat each other to a relaxing massage, but aren't au fait with massage techniques.

    Key Features:

    • Massage glove with ball bearing rollers for sensational muscle massage
    • For the wearer: an adjustable strap and anti-slip back keeps glove in place
    • For the receiver: 9 x 360° rotating ball bearings caress achey muscles
    • Compatible with massage oils, lubes and candles for slick sensations
    • A wonderful gift for enhancing intimacy in your relationship

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